In April 2019, Trekwerk's technology was front page news for the Dutch magazine Aandrijftechniek. Together with Nidec Netherlands' Teun van der Heiden, Reind Brackman talked to Paul Quaedvlieg about the technology at the Royal Opera in Stockholm. The "State of Art" and "Made in the Netherlands" innovative theater technique was the topic, variating from the TNM to winches.

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Hilde Rouwhorst and Luuk van Schriek both started as interns, and are now part of the engineering team at Trekwerk. They both came from different places, but ended up on the same team, having the opportunity to develop their own skills whilst developing our products. In this article you’ll be able to read about how they got where they are, their experiences at Trekwerk and what they love about the company.

On the 28th of February ‘19, Trekwerk and SkyMotion worked together to put together a one-night-only performance at Mechnificent in Delft. A first time experience for everyone involved in this special project, it turned out to be a great success!

In 1999, Trekwerk was founded as a result of a change in the Dutch theater world. 20 years later, Trekwerk is not only part of the top of the Netherlands, but also of the world. This year, we look back at everything we have achieved, what we have endured and how we will continue with our journey. Will you take a look with us in 2019?

View the OCC project as it progresses in real time!

Trekwerk will be exhibiting at the Audio - Video - Lighting, LLB Expo in the Stockholmsmässan, Sweden.
The vertical dance company Sky Motion is in full preparation of their latest performance Inner Worlds.

We will be exhibiting at the technical exhibition at The Royal Danish Opera. 

Thank you everyone who took the time to visit us at Cue2018!

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