About us

our history

In 1986, Reind Brackman, 24 at the time, and Allart Okx started BEO (Brackman Electronics and Optics) in the Netherlands. BEO represents Compulite in the Benelux, selling and servicing light tables. In 1999, a change within Dutch theaters took place; all theaters were obligated to replace manual fly systems with mechanical fly systems. As a consequence, theaters had a lower budget for lighting computers.

Reind Brackman saw an opportunity and started to search for solutions to mechanize fly systems, with help of the government. Trekwerk B.V. was born. Together with Alpha Getriebe (Germany) and Control Techniques (UK and The Netherlands), Trekwerk has developed a line of high-quality synchronous motors and a new operating system.The focus of Trekwerk soon changed to making complete theater installations, both in The Netherlands and abroad.  Designing The New Machine Software (TNM) is the root of our success. An operator software to control all automized items we manufacture for your over-, on- and under stage drive elements. The TNM enhances the communication between artists and technicians.
After enduring several battles, the dedication of the staff and faith of the existing clients helped Trekwerk continue to exist. In 2019, Reind Brackman created BEO (Brackman Entertainment Organizations), as a parentcompany for BEO Trekwerk B.V. (Trekwerk), BEO Trekwerk Staal B.V. (BEO Staal) and Cuesupport B.V. (CueSupport). 

What we do

The BEO companies provide the technology for the ultimate Stage experience. We design and fabricate steel constructions, under- and overstage mechanics and develop motion control hard- & software. Once a project is completed we offer after care through full service & training.

CueSupport offers theaters maintenance and support contracts, being specialized in the Trekwerk installations. 
BEO Staal is an independent steel factory working together with BEO Trekwerk B.V. and CueSupport B.V., responsible for the production of not only the lamel floor, tension grids and winches, but also smaller components. All the products produced are of SIL-3 standards.
Trekwerk focusses on projects across the globe, providing complete theater installations. Furthermore, Trekwerk has a research and development department to continuously improve our innovative products.

We have designed, built and installed over one hundred theatre systems worldwide. Our references include: the National Theatre in Oslo, the Barbican Theatre in London, Stadsschouwburg in Amsterdam and the Berliner Festspiele in Berlin. With venues around the globe, you can see our technology live in action. You may already have been a spectator of our technology without even knowing it.

Trekwerk prides itself on the custom-made TNM Motion Control Software and innovative products for Theatrical Rigging.

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