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About Trekwerk

Trekwerk is the project-based company within the BEO holding, and where the theater technology-journey started! In 1999, the Dutch government obligated all theaters to replace manual fly systems with mechanical fly systems. Reind Brackman then designed a line of high-quality synchronous motors and a new operating system, together with Alpha Getriebe (Germany) and Control Techniques (UK and The Netherlands).

Curious to find out how this evolved into a company that designs complete theater installations worldwide? Check out this page.


trekwerk technology

Trekwerk prides itself on the TNM software and Synchrodisk. However, we have experience with designing many solutions, custumized to our clients wishes. To find out more about the products we use and design, such as Spiralifts, Lamel floors and the TNM Club, click here.



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