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Who are we?

Reind Brackman founded BEO (Brackman Electronics & Optics) in 1986 and Trekwerk in 1999. BEO represented Compulite in the Benelux, selling and servicing light tables. Trekwerk responded to the massive change in the Dutch theater world; all theaters were obligated to replace manual fly systems with mechanical fly systems. 

Trekwerk has faced its battles, but we overcame every single one thanks to the dedication of the staff and faith of the existing clients! We are forever grateful to have built such a strong, helpful and kind community.

In 2019, Reind Brackman created BEO (Brackman Entertainment Organizations), as a parentcompany for BEO Trekwerk B.V. (Trekwerk), BEO Trekwerk Staal B.V. (BEO Staal) and Cuesupport B.V. (CueSupport). 

We, as Trekwerk, provide you with creative freedom and high quality design, production and installation processes. We are committed to your needs and expectations, and believe that our technical knowledge and innovative mindset makes us the best reference for stage technology! Our priority is building internal and external long-lasting strong relationships, based on mutual trust.


what do we do?

After the change in the theater world, we developed a line of high-quality synchronous motors and a new operating system. After perfecting this system, our focus shifted to making complete theater installations across the world.  

We know that in theaters communication is key. Therefore, we have designed our software in such a way it enhances the communbication between artists and technicians, making it extremely user-friendly! As we always say: even our finance, HR and communication officers are able to use this software; so you can as well! Designing The New Machine software (TNM) was the root of our success. The TNM is an operator-software to control all automized items we manufacture for your over-, on- and under stage drive elements. 

Want to know more about the technology we design? Check out this page! Do you have any specific questions? Give us a call or send us an e-mail. You can find our contact information at the bottom of this page.



Curious to see what all of these products look like in action? Drop us a line and we can guide you through all you need to know from your preferred location across the globe. However, you can also go on our virtual tour here. If you're curious about our references, you can go to our main projects page

We also know that you, as a (potential) client or interested party, will be more intrigued by stories from current users. Therefore, we have a reference page with user experiences! 
If you want to be included on this page, please send an e-mail to, attn Public Relations.



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