Acoustic - Fire Doors

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The Proscenium Safety Curtain, also known as the Acoustic Fire Door, prevents the passage of fire and its by‐products for a period of at least one hour. A sprinkler pipe is not required. The Curtain, when supplied and installed, provides an apparent weighted sound reduction index of (Rw) of at least 40dB(A) when measured on site at the centre of the front row of stalls seating.

The dimensions can go up to 12 meter high, 17 meter wide and a thickness of only 232 mm.

The system arrangement includes and permits convenient and fail‐safe operation.




  • This particular fire door has been tested in the Efectis test laboratory in Rijswijk, the Netherlands. 
  • The test was carried out according to EN 1634‐1:2008.
  • The result: A door of approx. 3 x 3 m2 was fire tested for 90 minutes, exposed to the standard fire curve (1000°C).