The Tower Winch

The Tower Winch is Trekwerk's answer to the more conventional winch request.

Tower winch

The Tower Winch is designed with a 0-fleet compensation and tailored to a wide variety of specifications. Today, more than 1250 winches of this design are installed and operational since 2001.


The TOWER WINCH is built up by

  • A driver unit
  • Steel wire drum
  • Gearbox
  • 0 fleet correction
  • Motor with dual brake
  • A Steel wire mounting



By making use of the standard available industrial asynchron motors and gearboxes, the design is ready to be equipped with the required gear ratio and capacity. The steel wire drum is custom made to the required suspension lines, travel and cable diameter. In most installations, the winches are installed with our standard 600v DC busbar system including the modular driver cabinets.