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"In 41 years of theater work I have not encountered a machine engineering system that offers so many possibilities in stage technology for performers. Team Trekwek has a high degree of professionalism in their cooperation, and in their development of speial stage solutions. We are gald that Team Trekwerk is by our side 24/7!"

- Reiner Darr, Technical Director, Schauspielhaus Hamburg, Germany

"The Trekwerk Team does not only make their rigging system mechanically well-designed and smart, they have also been the most reliable engineering company to the Cloud Gate Theatre."

- Lulu Lee, Technical Director, Cloud Gate Theatre, Taiwan

"In Tartu, we had a 50-year-old installation. We put on a lot of performances, and we were never sure if things would work. Now our installations works to perfection. We are extremely pleased."

- Toomas Peterson, General Director, Teater Vanemuine, Estonia

"We thank Trekwerk for their innovative contribution in hanging the mobile bridge with a total weight of 5.3T in any theater with the mechanical pulling wall."

- Götz Schwörer, Technical Director, Toneelgroep Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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