Social & Environmental Responsibility



BEO Trekwerk bv and BEO Trekwerk Staal bv are accountable by being attentive to the effect of its products on people, planet and profit during product development and by producing products with a long service life. The synchrodisks, for example, have a life expectancy of over 30 years. Our philosophy is to create products with a long life cycle thereby taxing the environment as little as possible. The customer profits too, because of the long life span in which a product needs to be replaced.

We are focused on effective energy consumption. By making use of kinetic energy, the installation is able to recover it and reuse this energy for other energy use.

To improve our social and environmental behaviour we recently implemented the ISO 26000 guideline into our ISO 9001 Management System. Regarding our procurement policy we also adhere to the SA 8000 performance criteria.  

Self-declaration NEN ISO

Social Responsibility Policy

Substantiation Self Declaration ISO 26000