ISO 9001


To meet the client’s requirements, wishes and expectations, STE Trekwerk BV and STE Staal BV implemented a Quality Management System according to ISO 9001: 2015. The quality management system improves the professionalism of the company and states that it consistently provides its customers a product and service complying with the contractual requirements.

The quality policy is part of the corporate strategy of STE and STE Trekwerk Staal BV.

The basis of the quality policy consists of:

  • Providing products and services that meet the requirements, customer needs, expectations, delivery times and regulatory obligations
  • The optimal functioning of the company for an effective and economic output
  • Notification and integration of the quality policy
  • Realizing that activities focus on customer satisfaction, endurance, reliability, product safety and continuous improvement of existing processes
  • Signaling and tackle possible shortcomings in time
  • A streamlined and transparent organization
  • The optimization and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the established quality system