The SynchroPoint

The SynchroPoint allows you to create a single fly point with the restricted payload of 250kg (or 500kg) where ever the unit is positioned. 


Because of the design, having the winch separate from the actual drop point, it is possible to create point drops at the edges of the fly tower, or really close to one another, if the supporting structure is capable of handling these loads. 

The weight of the unit is 170kg, but because of the revolutionary design only one operator is needed to place the unit at the required location. When there is no load attached to the bob weight, the wagon can be lifted by the handles. The wheels are hinged under the winch and can be moved. Placing the unit at a different angle/spot can be done simply by lowering the arm and the unit will rest on its own weight. When used in a vertical direction there is no need for additional fixings.

The unit is equipped with a load cell for dynamic load measuring and can optionally have a double geared limit switch. While operating the hoists with the TNM system the mechanical limit switches are redundant as the Sil3 motion control software controls the parameters.

In most cases the drive electronics are placed separately from the winch to reduce the SynchroPoint self-weight. Power and data are connected using an extension cable. But variations to the set-up are possible, using for example the power feed. The SynchoPoint can run on a regular 400vAC supply or act as an active part in the 600vDC regenerative system.