The SynchroDisk

The SynchroDisk was designed for historic buildings which do not facilitate winch rooms. It is silent, compact and very dynamic.


The SynchroDisk has a brushless permanent magnet synchronous motor. The motor has a compact built-in two stage planetary fabricated in Germany. By making the optimal combination of the best available products the industry has to offer, Trekwerk is able to add benefits to stage machinery that are found in the asynchronous motor based winches.

The characteristic SynchroDisk500 was initially designed for the Dutch market, offering a payload of net 500kg or more, for a theatre with maximal eight droplines and 24m lifting height. There are various versions of the SynchroDisk suiting specific needs.

The SynchroDisk is built up by

  • A driver unit
  • A winch top frame
  • A coil for dual braking
  • A cast iron motor housing
  • A planetary gear
  • A "nylon" drum
  • A winch lower frame
  • A steel wire mounting




  • Full torque at low speed, resulting in a 0 drop of the flybar after the brake release
  • High power (15-22kW) in compact size
  • Due to the compact size, easy implementation and system set-up
  • Silent operation, no need for separate machine rooms
  • Extreme low possible speeds, cues of < 0.0005m/s
  • Soft movements, gentle starts and stops are guaranteed because of the dynamic performance of the synchronous technique combined with the TNM control capacities 



Trekwerk has designed the wire termination to the large diameter drum in full acceptance of the relevant (DIN and CWA) regulations, where no additional dead windings (2) are necessary.

View the SynchroDisk in the machine room here