03 October 2017

TNM Academy successful start

After 1 ½ years the conclusion of the TNM Academy, involving and certifying external TNM Operators as TNM Trainers, is that it is growing and profitable. Trekwerk introduced the TNM Academy to its TNM Operators in the spring of 2016. Here an update of the results.

After 1 ½ years the conclusion of the TNM Academy is that it is growing and profitable. Trekwerk introduced the TNM Training platform in the spring of 2016. TNM Training sessions are partially given by external TNM Trainers, and partially by Trekwerk employees. The objectives of this initiative were to:

  • Ensure client satisfaction (for the TNM Training), TNM documentation and general TNM operations
  • Develop an adequate TNM Trainers Pool, internally but also through experienced TNM Operators
  • Coordinate, plan, develop, sell and evaluate effective TNM Training sessions
  • The activities evolving from this were:

1. international Train the Trainers Day

TNM Operators received a training enabling them to provide TNM Training to future TNM Operators. There were nine TNM Operators present from the UK, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands. 

2. MGM Day

Four future TNM Operators received in-house TNM training.

3. 3D Object Day

Four TNM Operators participated in the TNM Training for the TNM Objects (3D) in Doetinchem.

4. TNM System Operator (light version)

A training session was developed with our R&D department. The first pilot training was successful.

5. Further training sessions that have taken place

13 x TNM Training sessions in new projects

12 x TNM Refresh Training Sessions

1 x  TNM System Operator Light Version Training

 2 x Show Support

2 x Long Term TNM Operator Support 

In total the TNM Operator group has increased with 74 new TNM Operators in 2017.

There are now 400 registered TNM Operators!

Current Status TNM Trainers Pool

·      13 Dutch TNM Trainers

·      7 International TNM Trainers 


Are you or your theatre interested in a TNM Training? Please contact our TNM Training Manager

Orit Freedman 

+ 31 654 608 104