18 March 2019

History & Prospect Trekwerk in 2019

In 1999, Trekwerk was founded as a result of a change in the Dutch theater world. 20 years later, Trekwerk is not only part of the top of the Netherlands, but also of the world. This year, we look back at everything we have achieved, what we have endured and how we will continue with our journey. Will you take a look with us in 2019?

We belong to the top companies in the world. Competing. Developing. Winning.
- Reind Brackman


In 1986, Reind Brackman, 24 at the time, and Allart Okx started BEO (Brackman Electronics and Optics) in the Netherlands. BEO represents Compulite in the Benelux, selling and servicing light tables, to this day.In 1999, there was a huge change in the Dutch theaters. All the theaters were obligated to replace manual fly systems with mechanical fly systems. As a consequence, theaters had a lower budget for lighting computers.

Reind Brackman saw an opportunity and started to search for solutions to mechanize fly systems, with help of the government. Trekwerk B.V. was born. Together with Aplpha Getriebe (Germany) and Control Techniques (UK and the Netherlands), Trekwerk has developed a line of high-quality synchronous motors and a new operating system.The focus of Trekwerk soon changed to making complete theater installations, both in the Netherlands and abroad.  Designing The New Machine Software is the root of our success. An operator software to control all automized items we manufacture for your over-, on- and under stage drive elements. The TNM enhances the communication between artists and technicians.


In 2009, Trekwerk had to endure a huge setback, a fire destroyed the entire building. Improvising, hard work and amazing employees enabled Trekwerk to fight through it. In the same year, Trekwerk took over Stakebrand B.V. in Heeze, a company that manufactured stage installations and owns a steel processing plant. This location was named Trekwerk Staal B.V.


In November 2014, Reind Brackman and Jean Labadie from Show Canada, a company focusing on technical projects in the entertainment industry, joined forces. Trekwerk was renamed to Theatre Equipment Trekwerk B.V. (STE Trekwerk B.V.), operating under Trekwerk, and Show Theatre Equipment Staal B.V. (STE Staal B.V.).

Vision of the future

Now, almost 20 years along the line, Trekwerk belongs to the top of the world. Worldwide, more than one hundred theater systems are designed and installed.

Trekwerk’s mission is to ensure that we always try to meet the wishes and demands of theater technicians and artistic leaders, with the highest quality standard. In 2019, we will continue to carry out this mission. There are multiple amazing projects lined up. We are extremely proud to announce that before the start of the year, Trekwerk was fully booked for 2019 and our focus is already on the coming years. But first we continue to expand the Trekwerk family by welcoming (or improving) these names:

  • Germany
    • Theater Gießen
    • Freiburg Personenversenkung
  • United Arab Emirates
    • Abu Dahbi Al Hosn
  • Macau
    • Lisboa
  • Stockholm Zweden
    • RSO
    • Dramaten
    • Stadttheater
  • Lithuania
    • Kaunas
    • Panevisys
  • South Africa
    • Durban
  • Netherlands
    • Agnietenhof Tiel
    • OCC Den Haag
    • Vrijthof Theater Maastricht
    • Nieuwe Zuidplein Rotterdam
  • France
    • Disney Paris
  • Collaboration: SDAC China Show Canada

Trekwerk 20 years

2019 is the year that Trekwerk celebrates her 20th birthday, and time really has flown by. It has been a bumpy road but we have always managed to work our way through. Reind Brackman is extremely proud of what his company has achieved the past years. “We can see that the market has developed. In our advantage. Not just in the Netherlands, but in the entire world, clients are extremely positive. We are competing at the top of the theater technique industry.“

This year, multiple projects and our products will be highlighted, from past to present. The year is full of new projects and collaborations.
We are looking forward to taking you on this adventure with us.