03 April 2019

Trekwerk x SkyMotion x Mechnificent

On the 28th of February ‘19, Trekwerk and SkyMotion worked together to put together a one-night-only performance at Mechnificent in Delft. A first time experience for everyone involved in this special project, it turned out to be a great success!

The collaboration between Trekwerk and SkyMotion already existed, as they worked together last year on a show. The vertical dance company performed their show Inner Worlds last year in Doetinchem using Trekwerk’s technology.

This year, Trekwerk started a new collaboration with study association Gezelschap Leeghwater for students mechanical engineering at TU Delft. Every year, Leeghwater organizes a party called Mechnificent. This year, it took place in Delft, at Lijm & Cultuur, an event area next to the TU campus. Open to everyone, each year about 800-1000 students attend the party.

The Mechnificent Party Committee knew about the collaboration between Leeghwater and Trekwerk, and asked if there was any show-like event we could set up. Luuk van Schriek, engineer at Trekwerk and technician at SkyMotion, and Nina Brackman, PR at Trekwerk, started brainstorming. With a little over a month before the party, the idea of a collaboration turned into reality and on the 28th at 9 a.m. Trekwerk was ready to start setting up for the party. At night, SkyMotion only had an hour to rehearse. With the little time we had to put everything together, it turned out to be a challenging yet rewarding evening.

The results were amazing. The reactions were applauding. The entire night was a huge success! Would we want to do this more often? For sure! Let’s see what the future holds…

Curious about our process on the 28th of February? Check out the video on LinkedIn!