09 April 2019

From Interns to Colleagues

Hilde Rouwhorst and Luuk van Schriek both started as interns, and are now part of the engineering team at Trekwerk. They both came from different places, but ended up on the same team, having the opportunity to develop their own skills whilst developing our products. In this article you’ll be able to read about how they got where they are, their experiences at Trekwerk and what they love about the company.

Hilde rouwhorst

In September 2018, I started my graduation internship for the study Engineering, Design & Innovation at Trekwerk. Even though I was not at all familiar with the theater industry, I thought it would be great to do something in this direction.  The first weeks of my internship were focused on getting to know the branch and the company. The first time that I went to a theater for Trekwerk, a whole world opened for me: so much technology!

I was completely shocked about how many machines there are around a stage. At the same time, I realized how safe everything needs to be: all parts are moving above actors, or better yet, they make actors fly above the stage floor!

During my internship, I also often went to the steel factory in Heeze that is also part of Trekwerk. They showed me how well you should be thinking about your drawings: is it feasible? Is it (too) accurate? Can it be done with fewer bolts? These are questions that are not only important for the people in the factory, but also for assembling the product on location. You can make it so much easier for people in the factory and on location with small adjustments to the drawing you made.

At the office, I was among the engineers. This was not only very pleasant and fun, but also extremely useful. The team consists of motivated people who are all happy to take the time to explain everything and help you out. If after the explanation I still did not understand something, I could just walk into the factory hall and check out an example of a product. That is perhaps the biggest lesson I have learned: asking questions. I have always found this difficult, but with this team around me, it has become increasingly easier over time!

I have now been working as a Mechanical Engineer for Trekwerk for 4 weeks, and time has passed quickly. I have learned so much and already completed my first work trip: a midweek in Lithuania! Together with a colleague, we surveyed two theaters. Currently, we are busy drawing and fitting the installations that need to be built. These will then be manufactured in our factory, and then installed in Lithuania. This means that the entire process is in your own hands, isn’t that amazing?

Luuk van Schriek

From an early age, I came to the theater to watch performances. Several times I was enchanted by the magical effects and movements on stage. “How do they do that?” I often wondered. I also wanted to be part of the group of inventors who leave the public in astonishment through the clever use of technical solutions.

As a high school student, I was allowed to take a look behind the scenes at a major production in a theater once. At that theater I found out which company was behind the installation that makes all those set pieces move: Trekwerk. After that experience in the theater, I started to think of what I needed to do, to be able to make such machines. I decided to study mechanical engineering. In 2013 I started my bachelor’s degree at the HAN in Arnhem. The knowledge gained during the training became the tool I needed in order for me to do what I aspire.

When I was 19, I got the chance to do an internship at Trekwerk. This was the ideal opportunity to combine my passion for theater with my passion for technology. For 6 months, I was allowed to work on an actor-fly installation for theaters. During this internship I discovered that there are extremely fun challenges in the theater industry that you will not find in any other field. In addition to the internship, Trekwerk offered me the opportunity to learn how to operate the fly bar installation myself. By gaining experience in operating and working with the machines, I learned a lot about what was useful and what could possibly be improved.

Exactly one year after completing my internship at Trekwerk, I started my graduation internship at Show Canada. This company is the parent company of Trekwerk and is based in Laval, near Montreal (CA). During this internship, I worked on several major projects in the entertainment world. These projects taught me a lot about this branche and its products and it was an amazing experience. 

After my return to the Netherlands, I graduated and was allowed to start as an engineer at Trekwerk. A very varied job, where I am confronted with new challenges every day and can participate in wonderful projects at in my home country and around the world.


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