04 February 2020

A new decade, a new organization, the same products and service

It is no secret that Trekwerk has suffered during the past months. After enduring several battles, amongst a large fire, Trekwerk executed a strategic partnership with Show Canada in 2014. With the vision of an innovative approach and a large network of service and support, this seemed the perfect partnership. Unfortunately, the lack of capital for the ever growing projects caught up to Trekwerk, leading to the bankruptcy of STE Trekwerk, including its steel factory Trekwerk Staal and its service department CueSuppport. However, this turned out not to be the end, rather it turned out to be a new beginning. Reind Brackman, Trekwerk’s founder, did not give up and neither did the dedicated employees…

Reind Brackman founded BEO (Brackman Electronics & Optics) in 1986 and Trekwerk in 1999. BEO represented Compulite in the Benelux, selling and servicing light tables. Trekwerk responded to the massive change in the Dutch theater world; all theaters were obligated to replace manual fly systems with mechanical fly systems. Trekwerk developed a line of high-quality synchronous motors and a new operating system.

Trekwerk’s focus shifted to making complete theater installations across the world. Designing The New Machine software (TNM) was the root of Trekwerk’s success. An operator software to control all automized items we manufacture for your over-, on- and under stage drive elements. The TNM enhances the communication between artists and technicians.

In 2009, after enduring a fire that destroyed the entire Trekwerk building, Brackman took over Stakebrand B.V. in Heeze, a steel factory that manufactured stage installations, naming it Trekwerk Staal B.V. Five years later, in 2014, Brackman and Jean Labadie from Show Canada, a company focusing on technical projects in the entertainment industry, joined forces, renaming the companies as part of the STE group. The STE group (STE Trekwerk BV, CueSupport and STE Staal) went bankrupt at the end of September 2019.

After the bankruptcy, Brackman presented the trustee of the STE group with a restart plan, preserving the company as much as possible. This plan was chosen and the trustee sold him the assets. The dedicated staff in Weesp and Heeze gave Brackman the confidence to once more be the owner and director of Trekwerk. The companies will carry on virtually unchanged names under leadership of the parent company BEO (Brackman Entertainment Organizations). The business structure is undergoing great changes to provide even better service and products and to ensure the company’s competitiveness, while supplying the same products, including the TNM operating system.

By now, all of CueSupport’s activities have been resumed. The newly created company CueSupport B.V. will offer theaters, that used the specialized services of CueSupport in the past, new maintenance and support contracts with nigh unchanged terms and conditions. This means that theaters will also be able to rely on all necessary support and maintenance in the future.

BEO Trekwerk Staal B.V. (Trekwerk Staal), has also resumed its work, now being an independent steel factory working together with BEO Trekwerk B.V. and CueSupport B.V., responsible for the production of not only the lamel floor, tension grids and winches, but also smaller components.

BEO Trekwerk B.V. now focusses on projects that are able to continue because of the trust and faith of our clients. Also, this company will work on research and development to continuously improve our innovative products.

Reind Brackman is very happy to once again be at the helm of an enterprise that makes beautiful products and towards the future with great confidence. The dedication of the staff and faith of the existing clients caused the restart of Trekwerk. As a consequence many theaters, both in the Netherlands and abroad, can continue to use the innovative Trekwerk products and count on the specialized services offered by CueSupport in the future!